Research seminar in Civil Engineering and Built Environment

Postgraduate course at the Division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment


  • Open for: PhD students in in Engineering Science with specialization in Civil Engineering and Built Environment
  • Course manager: Joakim Widén
  • Credits: 5 hp
  • Grade: Pass/Fail
  • Admission: Continuous admission, no specific dates
  • Registration: Send an email to

Course contents

Participating in and contributing to academic discussions is an important part of PhD training. This course is based on participation in the research seminar series at the Division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment, with the PhD student actively taking part in scientific discussions and presenting their own scientific results.

The course thus contributes to both examination goal A1, according to which the student should “demonstrate broad knowledge and systematic understanding of the research field as well as advanced and up-to-date specialised knowledge in a limited area of this field”,  and examination goal B1, according to which the student should “demonstrate the capacity for scholarly analysis and synthesis as well as to review and assess new and complex phenomena, issues and situations autonomously and critically”.

The PhD student should participate in 10 seminars in total, corresponding to the number of seminars during one full year. However, these seminars need not be for the same year but can be dispersed over the study period. At each seminar the student should participate actively to the discussion and give critical feedback on the topic or research item that is discussed. At one of the seminars the student should bring up a research item of their own for discussion, typically a manuscript. For each seminar that is part of the examination of the course, the student should also reflect on their participation in writing; this report is handed in for examination at the end of the course.   

Further information is provided at registration for the course.

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