We offer undergraduate courses in civil engineering and energy systems and postgraduate education with specialization in civil engineering and built environment.

Undergraduate education

Our undergraduate courses include building design, building physics, energy efficiency in buildings, solar energy, district heating systems och urban energy systems. You can also do your degree project with us. We can be supervisors and subject readers in our areas of expertise.

If you have questions about our courses or the programs where you study them, you are welcome to contact the department's course administrator and study advisor.

Degree project

Are you interested in writing your thesis in our field? We are happy to provide guidance and subject review within our areas of expertise. If you want to do your project with us, you can read about our research projects and see what interests you. Contact the responsible researcher with a request.
Here you can see a list of completed degree projects at the department.

Postgraduate education

We offer postgraduate education in the subject Engineering Science with specialization in Civil Engineering and Built Environment (link to curriculum in pdf). Within this specialization you can study the design, construction and management of the built environment, from building components to entire cities, and technical systems for the built environment, such as energy and infrastructure systems.

Become a doctoral student in Civil Engineering and Built Environment

If you want to become a doctoral student you must first apply for an advertised doctoral student position published among the department's open positions. For more information about the subject specialization, contact Professor Joakim Widén. You can read more about postgraduate education at the department web

Postgraduate courses

Within the specialization in Civil Engineering and Built Environment we currently offer the following subject-specific postgraduate courses:

Three of our PhD students share their experiences

Read the interviews below where three of our doctoral students tell about what it is like to be a doctoral student, what they are researching, their future plans and advice to future PhD students.


Last modified: 2022-04-05