The department is participating in the centres of excellence in sustainable energy systems


atomic nucleus and solar cell panel

Uppsala University has been tasked with coordinating two new centres of excellence for sustainable energy systems – one for solar power and one for nuclear technology. The Department for Civil and Industrial Engineering is a co-applicant and will participate in both centres between 2022 and 2026.

Two of the department’s divisions, Civil Engineering and Built Environment and Industrial Engineering and Management, are participating in the centres of excellence. This participation fits in well with our activities and will enable us to collaborate with other research projects at the divisions.

SOLVE (Solar energy research centre Sweden)

One doctoral student and three senior researchers from the Division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment are participating in SOLVE. The department is working with two sub-areas:

  • Regional and national planning for expanding solar energy systems, looking at how land is used and efficient use of infrastructure.
  • The integration of solar power systems into buildings’ energy systems.

Project managers at the division: Joakim Widén and Joakim Munkhammar
Coordinator for SOLVE: Marika Edoff (Department of Materials Science and Engineering)

ANItA (Academic-industrial nuclear technology initiative for attaining future sustainable energy provision)

One doctoral student, one post-doctoral researcher and one senior researcher from the Division of Industrial Engineering and Management are participating in ANItA. The Division’s contributions to ANItA focus on the implementation of small modular reactors and the effect of serial production of nuclear power plants. The project will look at whether small and medium-sized reactors can be a solution for coal-free energy production.

Project manager at the division: Marcus Lindahl
Coordinator for ANItA: Ane Håkansson (Department of Physics and Astronomy)

The Centres of excellence in sustainable energy systems

Uppsala universitety press release: ”Uppsala universitet får kompetenscentrum inom solenergi och kärnteknik” (In Swedish)

Interview with Marika Edoff about SOLVE ”Uppsala University integrating into solar energy research”

Interview with Ane Håkansson about ANItA ”Centre of competence in nuclear technology poised for launch”

The Swdish Energy Agency investment in Centres of excellence in sustainable energy systems (In Swedish)


Last modified: 2022-02-08