New licentiate thesis on Urban Building Energy Modeling


On 20 January Fatima Johari at the Division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment presented her licentiate thesis Urban building energy modeling: A systematic evaluation of modeling and simulation approaches. The thesis is a detailed study of how buildings can be simulated with simplified but still accurate models, allowing efficient upscaling of building performance simulation to the city scale.

Urban Building Energy Modeling (UBEM) is a new research area where the energy performance of entire cities is simulated with the help of digital building models. These models need to be simplified in order for the calculations to be carried out for a large number of buildings within a reasonable time. At the same time, they need to be sufficiently detailed for the simulation results to be reliable.

Fatima shows in her licentiate thesis that considerably simplified building models based on one or a few zones and low level of detail can give as little as 6% deviation compared to the most detailed models. The dissertation also compares different existing calculation tools and how suitable they are for the development of UBEMs. In her further research studies, Fatima will develop a full-scale UBEM and apply it to the city of Uppsala.

Fatima’s licentiate thesis can be read in its entirety here.


Last modified: 2022-02-08