Joakim Munkhammar is our new senior lecturer in mathematical energy modeling


On March 15, Joakim Munkhammar began his position as senior lecturer in Civil Engineering with specialization in Mathematical Energy Modeling in the Built Environment at the Division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment.

Joakim got his PhD degree at the Department of Engineering Sciences, Uppsala University, in 2015. The title of his thesis was Distributed Photovoltaics, Household Electricity Use and Electric Vehicle Charging: Mathematical Modeling and Case Studies. He has since then worked as a postdoc and researcher at the division of Solid State Physics, and then as assistant professor in the division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment. Joakim’s research is focused on modeling of energy systems, in particular mathematical, statistical and machine learning modeling and forecasting of solar irradiance variability, electric vehicle charging and energy use. Currently he is involved in a large EU level project funded by Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency on sustainable transportation, and associated with a project which explores the potential benefits of co-locating wind and solar parks as well as a project on urban building energy modeling.

“In my research I will continue to develop models that can assist in the implementation of renewable energy, foremost photovoltaics, into the energy system," Joakim explains. ”It is our aim to deliver state-of-the-art models that can get acceptance in the international scientific community, and be used for real life applications.” Joakim also aims to develop the teaching at the division. “As Senior Lecturer, my teaching will focus on existing courses in energy systems and the built environment within the division, but also on developing new courses in collaboration with teachers from other disciplines that deal with a sustainable and efficient energy use in the built environment.”

Munkhammar recently made a press release on the success of the MCM forecasting model.


Last modified: 2022-02-08