Meet our new coworker: Âzeddine Frimane


On 14 April, Âzeddine Frimane, PhD from Ibn Tofail University, Morocco, started his postdoctoral position in solar forecasting at the Division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment.

Âzeddine’s main research interest is solar irradiance variability modeling, in particular using statistical approaches to objectives such as classification and forecasting. He also has an interest in recent developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, especially their application to the solar energy field. Âzeddine received his PhD degree with a specialization in modeling and information processing in late 2020, from the Department of Physics, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco.

In his postdoctoral project, Âzeddine will work on developing solar forecast models for controlling the operation of buildings and on methods for identifying rooftop PV systems from aerial imagery together with several industry partners. He will also work more generally on improving state-of-the-art solar irradiance modeling and forecasting approaches.

“It has always been my goal to join a dynamic and inspiring research group where I can help to contribute to solving scientific problems,” Azeddine says about his position. “Besides, I am confident that joining the Civil Engineering and Built Environment Division is a stepping stone to reach my career and research goals. Personally, it is a great pleasure for me to work together with renowned researchers in this field, whose works were references for my PhD thesis!”

Contact details for Âzeddine can be found here.


Last modified: 2022-02-08