Our book Solar Radiation Theory is now available in Arabic


The popular and highly downloaded book Solar Radiation Theory by Joakim Widén and Joakim Munkhammar at the Division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment has been translated to Arabic and is available open access through DiVA.

Solar Radiation Theory is a primer on the physics of solar radiation and modeling of solar irradiance on planes such as building surfaces. It is based on lecture notes from many years of teaching on undergraduate solar energy courses at Uppsala University. The book was translated by Dr. Khalafallah Omar Kassem of South Valley University, Egypt, and proofread and typeset in Arabic by Mahmoud Shepero at the Division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment. The translation is published open access in DiVA. 

The original English version of the book, available here, was the most downloaded full-text book from Uppsala University in 2020.


Last modified: 2022-02-08