New research project contributes to digital urban planning in practice


The project "Virtual test bed for strategic urban and energy planning through integrated digital models", which involves several researchers at the Division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment, is one of the projects that have received funding within the strategic innovation program Smart Built Environment's latest call. In the project, the researchers will develop a tool that will integrate digital models and data from several different sectors within urban and energy system planning.

The challenge that the research project addresses is that the urban planning process is divided on several different actors, which is also the case for the various digital models and data that are used for planning urban environments and their energy and infrastructure systems. The "virtual test bed" that is developed in the project will therefore integrate digital model types and data from several of these sectors and be possible to use in an early stage of the planning process.

The project is led by Joakim Widén, professor at the Division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment, and involves several other researchers who are experts in different relevant areas such as buildings, district heating and transport systems. In the project, the researchers will collaborate with Uppsala Municipality's urban planning administration in development and sharp tests of the test bed in the city's new urban development projects.

Read more about the project at Smart Built Environment’s website.


Last modified: 2022-02-08