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Solar Electricity Reseach Center Sweden (SOLVE)

SOLVE is a national competence center financed in equal parts by academia, industry and the Swedish Energy Agency. The goal of the competence center, which is led by Uppsala University, is to develop knowledge that promotes and maintains the growth of solar cell markets in Sweden, to spread this knowledge within a broad network of actors in the solar energy field, and to promote the training of experts with good connections to business and industry. The Division of Civil Engineering and Built Environment participates with a doctoral student and several researchers in the areas of building and power grid integration and large-scale expansion of solar power. 
Read more about the competence center SOLVE

Dynamic Mobility Nudge (DyMoN): Shaping sustainable urban mobility behaviour with real-time, user-generated and public open data

This project provides a solid conceptual and empirical understanding of the potential of combining real-time user-generated publicly available environmental and transport data with nudging methods for promoting sustainable urban mobility behaviours. The project investigates how to design effective nudging strategies, while ensuring the privacy and inclusivity of citizens of smart cities. DyMoN focuses on active mobility in Salzburg and Uppsala, considering also areas of larger cities such as Frankfurt.Read more about the DyMoN project

Life-cycle assessments on Maintenance and Renovation for Sustainable built heritage

Constant care and long-term maintenance can be more sustainable and suitable for historic buildings compared to deep renovations, partly to preserve their cultural value and partly to minimize their energy use. Nevertheless, there is a limited knowledge base about this context and therefore the purpose of this project is, through evaluation and comparison of different renovation strategies, to provide an increased understanding of a coherent and continuous maintenance process for sustainable renovation of cultural heritage buildings.
Read more about the project "Life-cycle assessments on Maintenance and Renovation for Sustainable built heritage"

Gotland’s sustainable energy system transition: resources, demand and planning 

Gotland has favourable conditions for generation of solar and wind power and for transitioning to a sustainable energy system. The aim of this project is to investigate the possibilities for a 100% renewable energy system on the island. In a subproject on energy demand a spatio-temporal urban-scale simulation model of Gotland is developed, using several different state-of-the-art engineering techniques. Apart from studying the current energy demand, scenarios will be developed for Gotland’s future energy demand along with options for reducing it.
Read more about the project "Gotland’s sustainable energy system transition: resources, demand and planning" at Uppsala University´s Graduate School in Sustainability Studies

Increased utilisation of the grid with combined solar- and wind power parks

The project aims to map the most resource-efficient locations for combined solar and wind farms in Sweden. It will also, through high-resolution measurements at transformers in connection with solar, wind and hybrid parks, increase the understanding of how the electricity grid, and components therein, are affected. With an increased share of solar and wind power in the electricity system, it becomes increasingly important to forecast production. By collecting validation data, the difference in the forecast error can therefore be studied for a hybrid park versus separate solar and wind farms.
Read more about the project "Increased utilisation of the grid with combined solar- and wind power parks"

Virtual testbed for strategic city and energy planning through integrated digital models

In order to achieve the energy transition required to reach national and global climate goals, new and innovative energy technology system solutions are needed. In this project a form of integrated virtual testbed is developed that provides the opportunity to investigate the effects of new energy technology and system solutions in both existing and new urban environments. The virtual testbed will be integrated with Uppsala municipality's GIS-based tools and tested on the entire city's existing buildings as well as on new urban development projects.
Read more about the project "Virtual testbed for strategic city and energy planning through integrated digital models"

Some of our completed projects

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