Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate studies

This webpage contains information from the department on subjects and curricula, admission and courses.

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If any of the links do not work, you can find current information about doctoral education at Uppsala University, including forms, subject information and guidelines on the Faculty of Science and Technology's pages on doctoral education.

At the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering there are around twenty PhD students. The postgraduate education at the department aims at preparing the students for conducting independent research work or other activities for which deep insight into the subject and research skills are required. 

After finishing their education, the PhD students are to be well acquainted with research questions and methods within either of the two subjects within the department: Engineering Science with specialization in Civil Engineering and Built Environment, and Engineering Science with specialization in Industrial Engineering and Management.  


Postgraduate studies are carried out according to a study plan at one of the divisions of the department, within a specific subject. The study plan at the Faculty of Science and Technology consists of two parts: 

Application and admission

First you must apply for an open position as PhD student. Only after you have applied for, been offered and accepted a position as PhD student can an admission application be handed in as described below.

Complete applications for admission to postgraduate studies should be handed in to the director of postgraduate studies at the department (Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor Åse Linné). Applications can be handed in continuously to be processed by the department. Admission to full-time employment as PhD student is decided upon by the head of department, while all other applications are decided upon by the faculty board. In the latter case, contact the director of postgraduate studies for more information about submission deadlines.

Applications consist of:

  • Front page
  • Application form (signed by the applicant)
  • Copy of degree diploma
  • Individual study plan (signed by the applicant, supervisors and professor responsible for the PhD programme)
  • Printed advertisement for the position
  • Copy of passport if the applicant has not studied or worked previously at a Swedish university
  • If the application concerns something else than admission towards PhD degree with full-time PhD student employment:


All PhD students need to take courses within their postgraduate education. The extent varies depending on which subject the student is admitted to. Some courses are mandatory and others are strongly recommended.

Mandatory courses

  • Högskolepedagogisk grundkurs, 7.5 hp. Mandatory in the subject Industrial Engineering and Management for PhD students involved in teaching. In the subject Civil Engineering and Built Environment PhD students involved in teaching should take the course, either as part of their PhD studies or as departmental duties.

Other courses

  • Several PhD courses are offered at our department, but the announcement of these is usually made internally and by email.


Additional information about postgraduate studies, including forms and guidelines, is available at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Sweden’s United Student Unions have published a PhD Handbook that provides general information about postgraduate education in Sweden.

Last modified: 2024-02-01