Postgraduate education and covid-19

The Faculty of Science and Technology has decided on how thesis defences and licentiate seminars should be conducted during the covid-19 pandemic. In brief the guidelines are as follows:

  • Thesis defences and licentiate seminars are conducted digitally with maximum 8 persons physically present.
  • At a thesis defence the respondent and the chairperson must be physically present, at a licentiate seminar the respondent and the examiner.
  • The examination committee and opponent can participate digitally without any special permission.
  • A link for online participation and a contact person for questions should be publicly announced, but not the physical location.
  • Audio and video must be of good quality throughout the defence/seminar.
  • It is the responsibility of the professor responsible for postgraduate education that these regulations are adhered to, not the PhD student.

The full announcements from the faculty can be found here. Recommendations for a digital defence are available here.