The admission process

After having formally applied to your master's programme you enter into the so called Admission process where your application is being considered. You will be kept updated as the application is being processed as well as informed about its status. If successful, you will eventually receive a notification of acceptance which in turn kicks off a set of deadlines for you to meet (such as acceptance of offer, tuition fees, residence permit for studies, etc) in order to qualify for registration. The deadlines are displayed on the University application guide pages as well as on the University Admissions site. A critical deadline is that of your acceptance of offer. If you have not accepted your offer by this date, your place in the programme will be offered to another applicant.  Reply to your offer by logging into your University Admissions account. Fee paying students are also offered student lodgning - see Getting settled. Further, in order to get a residence permit you would need a monthly fanincing of 7974 SEK. For futher information see Financial matters.  If you are a fee paying student you might consider applying for a scholarship