Education within industrial engineering and management

Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) is an interdisciplinary engineering subject that deals with value creation; how technology-intensive products, services, and combinations thereof, are developed, produced, sold, maintained, refurbished, and recycled, all in order to create economic, social, and environmental value. 

We have large educational activities with many students in our programs. We offer two first cycle programs (in Swedish), two international master programs and a course package within entrepreneurship (in Swedish). In addition, we also provide freestanding courses and education at the postgraduate level. Our research and education takes place at the Ångström Laboratory, one of Europe's most advanced laboratories for functional materials and energy research.


Master's Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation

The Master's program in industrial management and innovation is created for you who after an undergraduate degree in technology want to deepen and broaden your general knowledge of technology towards innovation, leadership and international business. For businesses to remain competitive and excel it is important to be in the forefront of innovation and business development as well as to have an overall perspective on technology, leadership, and international business.

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Master's Programme in Industrial Analytics

Industrial systems are the foundation of our modern world. Today, society faces great challenges that drive demand for the renewal of industry through digitalisation, with the goal to improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability. Due to this, the use of data analytics and informatics for the design, analysis, optimisation and decision making in industrial systems and processes is growing more common.

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Master's Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management
(given in Swedish)

The Master´s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management brings together three major areas of knowledge - business, technology and computer science. The broad competence is important for you to be able to handle complex and challenging problems in your future professional life. For example, you learn to develop and lead the development of new innovative products, processes and services. You also gain the knowledge required to create efficient production solutions and sustainable business models.

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Bachelor's Programme in Mechanical Engineering
(given in Swedish)

The Bachelor's Programme in Mechanical Engineering primarily aims to prepare the student for assignments with a focus on production technology and product development. The area of production technology includes working methods to support efficient manufacturing. Product development includes the working methods that refine an idea into a functional product. The breadth of the education also gives the student the competence to work with quality issues, purchasing and technical investigations.

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Entrepreneurship School
(given in Swedish)

A final study program for our graduate engineering students, with the opportunity to use their specialist knowledge to drive a sharp business project from idea to commercial reality.

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