Bachelors programme in mechanical engineering

Would you like to help develop tomorrow's products? Do you want to learn the whole process of developing new technology from idea to finished product? Do you want to realize your ideas by working with product development in collaboration with business and industry? It can become a reality if you read to an engineer in mechanical engineering at Uppsala University.

The program in mechanical engineering gives you good knowledge in traditional mechanical engineering. You also get a complete picture of all aspects from customer needs to the production of new products. Many of our courses use systematic computer support, mainly 3D (3-dimensional) -CAD (Computer Aided Design). You read the closing courses in product development in collaboration with the industry. All of this gives you a good foundation to face your future challenges as a professional mechanical engineer.


The training for an engineer in mechanical engineering can be divided into three blocks:

  • mathematics
  • technical base block
  • engineering expertise

The math gives you the foundation you need for the other two blocks.

In the technical base block you read traditional mechanical engineering subjects such as computer-aided design, mechanics, strength theory, machine elements and manufacturing technology. You work with the same CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) system used by many leading industrial companies.

In the block of engineering skills you will learn communication, creativity and quality. You will gain perspective on the role and responsibility of the engineer in a modern society in courses such as quality technology, environmental technology and economics as well as in your degree project.

Product development is the process that follows a product's various stages from idea of ​​design and manufacture until it has served the customer and it is time for recycling. A product's design is often as important as how it functions.

In the course Product Development and Design, you will get an initial insight into how product design works. You can also choose to study a number of non-technical courses such as languages, humanities, economics or law. It is also possible to broaden your knowledge in the engineering field with courses from other engineering programs.


The education leads to a university engineering degree, which is a professional degree.


During the first year, lectures, lessons and laboratory work are interspersed. During the latter part of the training there will be more seminars and project work. As a student in the college engineering program in mechanical engineering, you receive a reality-related education. You get to work specifically on projects based on product specifications, in the same way as in the industry. You also use software that a mechanical engineer uses in working life.

We often make study visits to different companies to see how the theory from education can be used in practice. You can also listen to guest lecturers from organizations and companies who tell about their professional experience. In some of the top courses guest teachers from the business world also teach.

Last modified: 2021-05-12