Master of Science in Industrial Management and Innovation 2015/2016

Sweden is one of the most innovative countries in the world and our entire export-driven economy is based on innovation in various domains. For us to be able to remain on the cutting edge, people who have an overall perspective on technology, leadership and international business are needed. This program is for those who want to be one of those people.

Are you desiring a career that revolves around leadership and innovation? Do you want to better understand and master the workings of large and complex organizations? We offer you a way into the industry and opportunities for a career in technology-intensive, innovative business in different types of companies. Whether you choose a small start up business or an international group, this master gives you a variety of tools to manage complex innovation processes.

The program is developed in collaboration with the industry, which can be noticed through a variety of company visits, guest lectures and project work.

Neither in companies nor in society more generally, there exist purely technical issues, just as little as there are purely economic or organizational issues. The steps between technology development, production, marketing and sales always involve considerations of technical, economic and organizational nature. They often give rise to complex quesions that require an understanding of all these dimensions.

The aim of this program is therefore to educate future leaders with the ability to create an overview of the complex processes and structures within and around technology-intensive companies. Our aim is also that students who completed the program will become innovators who can combine technology, business, and marketing to lead and manage projects and to create and develop business relationships. The master program is also preparing you for academic research.


A unique feature of this program is that it is close to both industry and research. The students of the program come from different technology backgrounds and are trained to handle technical, social and economic dimensions of the innovation process.

The goal of the program is for you to be able to work with innovation processes in different types of companies. To be well prepared for your future job, we use the methods and models used in business, also in our teaching. You also get tools to analyze and understand existing markets as well as the steps between idea, product development and market launch. After completing the program, you will have knowledge of, among other things:

Business: What is needed for innovation to generate money? How do you estimate the economic value of new products? What investments should our company go for?

Product Development: How do you go from an exciting idea to a finished product? What are the requirements for the products to be launched within reasonable limits in terms of money, time and quality?

Marketing: How do you analyze markets? How do you understand customers and build customer relationships to successfully market technological products and services?

Organization: You train your analytical skills in order to understand and manage the interactions within and between complex organizations, both in terms of formal and informal structures.

Project Management: Innovation work is often done in projects and project management becomes an important skill that you will benefit from in your future work.

Rhetoric: Your presentation skills are often the key to successful business and a successful career. You learn to develop your oral and written skills to convince the boards of directors, partners and managers.

In addition to courses in business, towards the end of the first year, you apply your knowledge in a larger commercialization projects carried out as a group project.

During the second year you specialize towards the management and coordination of technological innovation. You take courses such as philosophy of innovation, qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as elective courses in fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, electrical engineering, building engineering or mechanical engineering.


The program leads to a Master of Science (120 ECTS credits) degree with industrial engineering and management as the main field.


The teaching consists of lectures, group exercises, labs, seminars, own projects and field trips. Most of the teachers in the program are active researchers with deep expertise.

The close ties with the industry in the form of field trips, guest lectures and various projects, you will meet people with experience of innovation outside the university.

During the program you will attend seminars where you together with other students discuss concrete business problems and different cases. Each course contains at least one project. There is also a possibility to take courses from other programs.

The majority of the course literature is in English. At the students' request, teaching and examination can be held in English.

Last modified: 2021-05-12