Postgraduate studies

The aim of the PhD programme in Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) is to prepare for a career as future research leaders, as well as provide a base for becoming an educational or industry leader within IEM. The T-shaped program is aimed at providing both depth in the particular thesis area of the PhD candidate, as well as breadth in order to contextualize one’s research within the broader field of IEM. The programme consists of research for the PhD thesis, courses, and regular participation in seminars. Study visits, meetings with alumni, and exchanges with other universities and organizations are also an integral part of the programme.

All our PhD positions are advertised in the list of Open Positions at the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering

Meet two of our current PhD students, namely Lakshmi Salelkar and Emil Svensson:

Picture of Lakshmi.
Read interview with PhD student
Lakshmi Salelkar
Picture of Emil.
Read interview with PhD student
Emil Svensson

Defended PhD theses in Industrial Engineering and Management

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