Climate neutral Uppsala 2030

Uppsala is committed to lead the way turning climate change around and achieve goals in line with the 2030 Agenda. An important tool created in this process is the Climate Contract 2030, which clarifies Uppsala's commitments to reduce emissions and become a sustainable net zero municipality by 2030. In a climate roadmap and in Uppsalas Comprehensive Plan, the way is paved to achieve climate neutrality by 2030 and climate positivity by 2050. This project strengthens the ability to achieve the goals, commitments and measures that Climate Contract 2030, Climate Roadmap Uppsala and Uppsalas Comprehensive Plan include, operationalized as three work packages: 1)organization & learning, 2)resident dialogue & civil society and 3)innovation teams & testbeds. Uppsala will continue to develop a mission-driven approach that engages stakeholders throughout the municipality, to become a climate neutral city and municipality providing a good life for everyone within the planetary boundaries.

Funded by 

Swedish Energy Agancy

Time period


Partner organizations​

  • Beteendelabbet AB
  • Energikontoret i Mälardalen AB
  • Internet Of Planet AB
  • Stockholm Environment Institute, SEI
  • Stiftelsen Svensk Industridesign, SVID
  • Stiftelsen Världsnaturfonden WWF
  • Stuns Uppsala
  • Innovation Centre AB
  • Uppsala kommun
  • Uppsala Pastorat

Project leader

Katarina Gustafsson, Uppsala Kommun

Project members from Uppsala University

Klas Palm

Last modified: 2021-11-24