System design in societal development

Older woman gets love sign from her grandchild through window shield in time of Corona.Funded by: Region Uppsala

Time period: January 2022 - December 2023

Partner organizations: Uppsala University, Region Uppsala, All municipalities in Uppsala County

About the project

In order to handle the development needs and opportunities created through research and development in the delivery of social and health care in Uppsala County, this project develops a model for how a support function for system design and development should look like. The lab's focus is to provide support for the development of new solutions in the borderland between the region's and the municipalities' responsibilities. The lab seeks to work on the basis of design and system methods and develop a process model for how the region and municipalities can handle and make relevant decisions on system-complex issues such as:

  1. Human resource supply; new forms of education, new professions and new career opportunities.
  2. Distribution of responsibilities and develop new interpretations of - and possibly influence to a change in - the laws
  3. New systems for resource management, such as cost sharing between actors
  4. Cultural changes
  5. Business adaptation to new technology as well as technology implementation and digitization
  6. Increased efforts to prevention
  7. New communication structures
  8. Developed public procurement systems

The project will result in a permanent support function for business development, owned and driven by Uppsala County snd the eitght municipalities in the region. 

Project leader: Klas Palm

Project members: Elin Silfversten and Elize Leto

Last modified: 2022-03-18