Measuring the effect of publishing and using open data in Sweden

Illustration on a computer screen with the text "Open data".Funded by: Swedish Internet Foundation

Project Duration: April 2020-December 2021 (20 months)

About the project

The goal of this project is to check and evaluate existing impact measurement models and indexes and then create a model to measure impact of open data in Sweden. There are many open data measurement models that compare openness of databases between countries, counties and organizations but there is no a proper and comprehensive model to measure the social and financial impact.

The research has three phases:

  1. The goal to research existing literature and models in different countries and depending on different parameters and map
  2. Hypothesis & create a preliminary measurement model.
  3. Test the model both with qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Research team will host workshops to discuss the model and the impact of open data and conduct survey to test the model.

While model is being developed and tested, opportunity for replication of similar studies in different countries will be explored.

Project Team (Research Group Open Innovation Lab)
Project Leader: Serdar Temiz, PhD, Uppsala University 
Jimmi Burgagni, Master student
Yvonne Uwamariya, Master student
Simon Okwir, PhD, Uppsala University
Anders Brantnell, PhD, Uppsala University

Advisory Board
Marcus Lindahl, Prof, Uppsala university Industrial Teknik
Marcus Holmberg, Associate Professor, Chalmers University of Technology

Last modified: 2021-11-12