Test demoinnovation platform for material and advanced manufacturing

Funded by: Region Uppsala, Uppsala universitet and Vinnova.

Time period: January 2021- February 2022

Organizational project members: Uppsala University and Region Uppsala

About the project

The manufacturing industry is facing a radical transformation due to several interacting factors: increased digitization of production, increased focus and demands on sustainable production as well as the expected radical transformation that the development of additive manufacturing entails. These challenges will be particularly important but also difficult for SMEs in manufacturing, which often lack the resources to absorb and exploit these new technologies and requirements. One opportunity to accelerate this change is to provide access to TDIPs where companies with low maturity in sustainable production, digitization and additive manufacturing can utilize such expertise and gain access to market-developing networks and competencies.

The needs analysis is based on the “additive processing chain” as a whole - from the development of sustainable and new functional materials to commercialization. The following four questions guide the work: 1) What is a TDIP in practice?, 2) For whom should a TDIP be for ?, 3) Why is a TDIP worth the investment? and 4) How should the construction take place?

The project includes two subprojects. Subproject A focuses on compiling knowledge and lessons learned from comparable testbeds both nationally and internationally. The sub-project intends to provide a qualitative deep and broad picture of organization, financing and value creation within the already established environments. These insights will then form the basis for examining in sub-project B the conditions for relevant companies and organizations to join and utilize a platform in the Uppsala region's environment that is based on their needs.

Project leaders: Marcus Lindahl and Anders Brantnell

Project members:
Erik Asplund (Region Uppsala)
Marcus Lindahl
Anders Brantnell
Serdar Temiz
Åse Linné
Lakshmi Salelkar
Marvin Schliemann

Last modified: 2022-02-16