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At the Division of Quality Science, you have the opportunity to be involved in education, research and collaboration with a special focus on sustainability. The Division is relatively small so you will automatically become a significant member of the group.

When we advertise positions, you can find them on the Department’s Open Positions page. You are always welcome to contact us to register your interest.

Meet Lecturer Mia Ljungblom


The entire Division is located at Campus Gotland, which is an integral part of Uppsala University, the oldest university in the Nordic region and ranked as one of the top 100 higher education institutions in the world. Around 20 departments carry out part of their activities here, and one department is based entirely here. Both the courses and study programmes and the research conducted here attract students and researchers from all over the world. All disciplinary domains are represented, resulting in a unique, small-scale, international multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary environment.

Campus Gotland is operating a strategic initiative to develop education, research and collaboration with a focus on sustainable development and there is great potential to be innovative and pioneering in this area. The campus currently offers 12 study programmes with a sustainability focus, and six major research and collaboration projects are being conducted here in a number of sustainability fields such as energy transition, destination development and natural resource management. Region Gotland is very committed to sustainability, and there is intensive collaboration between the University and local government. Gotland aims to become a world-leading island region on environmental and climate issues and is a national pilot in the transition to a sustainable energy system.

The campus also enjoys a unique location in Visby, a World Heritage Site, on an island in the Baltic Sea.

Good conditions for collaboration

Campus Gotland offers all the prerequisites for interdisciplinary collaborations. As an employee with us, you will be close to other disciplinary domains and have the chance to develop synergies and partnerships. 

It is easy to work with others internally, as we feel an equal sense of belonging to faculty on campus as to our own departments/divisions. People meet naturally here, and the culture is social and open.  With great subject area breadth and many interests in common, there is also much to talk about. Although the conditions for interdisciplinary collaboration also exist in Uppsala, the small-scale of the environment at Campus Gotland mean that it happens to a greater extent here.

We also collaborate extensively in various ways with society at large, in particular locally with Region Gotland. Many networks have been developed, which may help you in your future education and research projects.

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Education is our principal task, and our students are our inspiration. Our employees are dedicated to educating our students to equip them as well as possible to meet some of society’s biggest challenges in transitioning to sustainability. With us, you are part of a creative faculty of lecturers striving to optimise teaching so that knowledge is imparted and developed. Read example with the project "Paths to better virtual classrooms"  

The study environment at Campus Gotland is small in scale, which promotes excellent contacts between students and lecturers.  In addition to committed, highly skilled fellow lecturers in the Division as well as on campus, you also have access to the Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development, which offers special educational support for lecturers teaching in the field of sustainable development. 

In the Faculty, our lecturers can participate in networks and courses for educational continuing professional development, conduct discipline-based education research and be promoted to distinguished university teacher.

Last modified: 2022-03-07