Collaboration with a strong local links

Since we started our activities at Campus Gotland in 2013, we have focused on long-term collaborative relationships with the aim of achieving good results for us as well as for the local community on Gotland. We now have many formal and informal collaboration networks, in particular with local actors.

Established relationships smooth the way for collaboration in both research and education, allowing us to carry out research projects together. There is an interaction between collaborations in education and in research and this can often lead to a research project. We also have networks that extend beyond Gotland. One example is a network we have initiated for researchers in sustainable destination development around the Baltic Sea. If you have any ideas or questions about collaborating with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

collaboration in EDUCATION

Collaborative relationships are fundamental to our course and study programmes and essential to establishing links with businesses and the first contact with the labour market for our students. We often invite guest lecturers from the local business community to our study programmes. Our students also carry out various projects with local organisations, putting into practice the theory they have learned. Our collaborative relationships help to increase the opportunities for our students to get placements or write degree projects, and collaborative relationships are also created when students enter the labour market.

Collaborative projects

Collaborative relationships also lead to our employees receiving commissions outside the University linked to sustainable destination development and quality science. These may be at the initiative of the County Administrative Board or Region Gotland or in the form of various types of contract education.

The Division is also linked to Campus Gotland’s Graduate School in Sustainable Development, the main focus of which is local collaboration. This involves local actors as well as other disciplinary domains at Uppsala University’s Campus Gotland. 

Last modified: 2021-05-25