Sustainable Destination Development Alumni Association

The SDD Alumni Association was formed in February 2021. Our purpose is to strengthen the link between former and current students and between former students and the university.

This means:

  • in between former students, between former and current students, and
  • between former students and the departments involved in the program.
  • between alumni, current students and researchers, businesses, NGOs, etc linked to the topic of SDD.

Thereby, the association facilitates network building with external stakeholders linked to sustainable destination development. A few times a year, activities are arranged for the members, for example in the form of guest lectures.

You can officially register as a member of the SDD alumni association within Uppsala universities alumni network (see link below). You can register even if you haven't graduated yet. The minimum requirement to become a member for our association is 30 credits in the SDD program. Membership is free but you will receive our newsletters and all other important information via email, and you will be able to attend interesting events! 

Register here

As a member you can also join our LinkedIn group for more interaction with former and current students. 

If you are a future or current student and want to know what is happening in the program and in Visby join the facebook group.

Contact the SDD alumni association

Contact us via email -

This is our current board:

  • Mareike Schaub, president
  • Lukas Weyh, treasurer
  • Chantal Runte, board member
  • Eveliina Anttila, board member
  • Marije Poort, board member

Constituent Meeting Documents

(Only accessible for members)

Last modified: 2021-05-20