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With us, you can train in sustainable business development, which can be described as quality development for sustainable development. The aim of creating long-term sustainable companies and organisations within a broad spectrum of activities – from tourism to the development and production of products and services.

We have large educational activities with many programs and courses. Some we give at a distance, but most take place on site here at Campus Gotland. New from the autumn semester 2022 is that all our programs will also be open to international applicants and thus given in English.


Bachelor's Programme in Leadership - Quality Management - Improvement - 180 credits

The bachelor's program in Leadership - Quality Management - Improvement is aimed at those who want to work with development and improvement work within companies and organizations. You study working methods, methods and tools for business development and learn to systematically identify and analyze problems. You can then practice using that knowledge to improve and maintain a high level in processes and working methods. You do this from day one in close contact with various actors in the surrounding society. The program will be given in English and will be open to international applicants with start academic year 2022/2023. 

Information about the Bachelor's Program in Leadership - Quality Management - Improvement 

Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Engineering and Development
- 180 credits

The Bachelor´s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Development provides you with broad knowledge in industrial technology with a comprehensive understanding of how sustainability can be used in the work of developing future production. Among other things, you will learn to improve various processes in business management, logistics and production management. This means that you will be able to create more efficient flows between different activities in a company. The program will be given in English and will be open to international applicants with start academic year 2022/2023. 

Information about the Bachelor's Programme in Industrial Engineering and Development

Master's Programme in Sustainable Destination Development - 60 and 120 credits

Tourist destinations across the world face major challenges. With fewer visitors, their economies will be threatened; with more visitors, their social, cultural and ecological sustainability will be threatened. The programme will explore key questions such as, how can visits become sustainable? What is required to achieve sustainable visitor locations, and how can we ensure they will remain this way? 
Sustainable Destination Development is aimed at those who want to develop cross-border, international key competencies in this field.  

The program has three specializations; entrepreneurship, applied heritage politics and nature-based destinations. In the one year master's program (60 credits), you choose one of the specializations from the very beginning, and in the two year master's program (120 credits), you choose two of them during the course of the programme.


Campus Gotland is operating a strategic initiative to develop education, research and collaboration with a focus on sustainable development. The campus represents a unique knowledge environment with highly engaged researchers and lecturers working on sustainability based on a broad, critical, interdisciplinary approach in close collaboration with various actors in society.

In addition to our study programmes, there are eight other programmes with a sustainability focus offered at Campus Gotland. Six major research and collaboration projects are also being carried out here in a number of sustainability fields such as energy transition, destination development and natural resource management.

In the ESD Learning Lab, students and lecturers meet from across programme and subject area boundaries. The Lab is used to test new forms of learning to meet the big challenges of our times.

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Education is our principal task, and our students are our inspiration. Our employees are dedicated to educating our students to equip them as well as possible to meet some of society’s biggest challenges in transitioning to sustainability. They are striving to optimise teaching so that knowledge is imparted and developed.

The study environment at Campus Gotland is small in scale, which promotes excellent contacts between students and lecturers. Every student is seen and acknowledged, and supporting students’ individual learning processes is something we have long experience in doing. There is a high proportion of teacher-directed learning time.

The study programmes involve a significant component of collaboration with society at large, in particular with the local community. This gives you valuable experience and contacts for your working life. 

Campus Gotland is Uppsala University’s most international environment, and many of its study programmes attract a high proportion of international students. Roughly one fifth of all students come from other countries. Whether you are studying an international programme or not, you will meet students from all over the world.

Lecture halls, the library, the students’ union, student services, cafés and sandy beaches are all within easy walking distance. As a result, there is no shortage of opportunities to meet students from other programmes who will expand your horizons and enrich your time as a student.

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