At the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering there are two research programmes: Industrial Engineering and Management and Civil Engineering and Built Environment. We also participate in a number of broader research collaborations and networks.


Industrial Engineering and Management is an engineering subject that deals with value creation; how goods and services are developed, produced and sold. Industrial Engineering and Management makes technology happen; it is a bridge between the engineers’ work to develop, produce and sell products with an increasingly high degree of technology and knowledge in it.

Within the research programme Industrial Engineering and Management we are doing research on different aspects of industrial development, such as the dynamics of innovative processes, entrepreneurship, industrial management and organization, industrial leadership and business development.

Industrial Engineering and Management


Civil Engineering and Built Environment as a field of research covers design, operation and maintenance of buildings and structures, as well as improved knowledge and development of sustainable technological systems for the built environment. The subject includes everything from individual buildings and building components to entire cities and societies, their energy and resource requirements, as well as the interplay between the technological systems of the built environment and other societal systems.

Within the research programme Civil Engineering and Built Environment we are currently doing research specialized on energy in buildings and the built environment. Some examples of research topics are solar energy in buildings, urban building energy modeling, urban thermal systems and mathematical modeling of spatio-temporal processes in cities. 

Civil Engineering and Built Environment



InnoEnergy is a broad European initiative to develop entrepreneurship and companies in energy and sustainability. This is done through master's and doctoral programs, support for new companies and innovation projects where academia and industry jointly develop products and services within sustainable energy. In Sweden, InnoEnergy is a partnership between Uppsala University, KTH, ABB and Vattenfall. The Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering participates in various ways in several of InnoEnergy's activities in education and research.

STandUP for Energy

STandUP for Energy brings together leading research groups at four universities to find solutions to some of today's most pressing energy problems - the global challenges of climate change and the transition to sustainable energy supply. In order to increase the large-scale use of electricity from renewable energy sources, new and existing technologies must be developed from a broad perspective on energy systems. The Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering conducts research funded by STandUP for Energy.

Last modified: 2022-11-03