Dear prospective student,

The information provided here represents a few important points which might interest and help you in preparing your application for studies at Uppsala University and more specifically regardning the Master Programmes in Industrial Managagement and Innovation as well as in Renewable Electricity Production. For further information, please, take a look at the following link http://www.uu.se/en/admissions/master/


1. I am taking the last courses in my bachelor, can I apply to the programme?

Yes, you can. Provided you fullfil all other criteria you are going to be “conditionally admitted”. You would have to provide your original diploma on the registration day, though, in order to be enrolled to the programme.

2. What is the English level required to enter the master?

The language proficiency is controlled by the national Swedish Council for Higher Education, not by us. The minimum grade for the IELTS Academic is an overall mark of 6.5 and no section below 5.5. You can check other valid tests here:


If you have studied your bachelor in English you may be automatically qualified, but notice that not all Universities qualify, so please check the specific of your country:


3. Do I fulfil the entry requirements?

We cannot give you a preliminary decision, but here are some tips that may help you in the process:

a) Master Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation

- You need 20 credits in mathematics, based on the European system where one full time studies semester is 30 credits. Find the conversion rate from your university to find the equivalent number of hours. For example, if you took 16 credits and your university divides the semester in 22 credits, then you have 16*30/22=21,8 equivalent European credits.

- And what is include in “mathematics”? It is advisable that you list all the courses that you think has some content in mathematics in the motivation letter to help the recruiting committee (sometimes the course names are misleading). Do not forget to attach also the corresponding course syllabi.

b) Master Programme in Renewable Electricity Production

We have prepared the following complementary summary sheet for you to fill in all courses that in your view cover the entry requirements. Submission of this summary sheet is certainly not compulsory but it will facilitate the assessment of your entry requirements substantially. Please, use it as a check list and attach it to your application: http://uu.se/digitalAssets/271/c_271548-l_3-k_master-programme-in-renewable-electricity-production-summary-sheet-.pdf

4. Do I need to write a motivation letter and provide letters of recommendation?

The motivation letter or statement of purpose is not compulsory but it is very useful for us if you need to provide us with some more information like the courses that you took related to the programme. We would also want to know a little more about your achievements.

We do not require letters of recommendation.

5. Are there scholarships available?

Information about available scholarships and grants are found at the following webpage:  http://www.uu.se/en/admissions/scholarships/prospective-students/

6. Is accommodation provided?

Uppsala University guarantees housing to non-European students, that is, tuition fee paying students. The accommodation is not included in the tuition fee and it is for only one person. Unfortunately we can not offer accommodation to families. EU and Swedish students will need to find their own accommodation.